Friday, April 04, 2008

Relax and fun.

As most of you have probably already read, Maya and I had a wonderful night last night. We just sat on the couch and drank some wine and talked. It was great and reminded me alot of when we first started dating and just hung out at Ball State. We had a ton of things to do but we both decided to just sit and devote time to each other. Brilliant night and I hope we have more of them.

On another note here is a pic of a tshirt design I did last week. At work we took a few hours and just played to be creative. It was very refreshing and helped keep our energy up.

Is spring here yet?


Mini Update: We have a month to go and we are up to 11 miles in one run. Yikes. Because of all this running I have lost 14 pounds so far. That is a nice bonus other than my main focus of getting healthy for the family.


Maya said...

I saw the lion right away this time! Ha!

The Weigands said...

have you thought about entering this one ? You really should!

Lacey said...

Good luck running tomorrow, Pat!